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Newlines Ltd. Complete Software Solution Providers


We are a professional software house that is dedicated to designing, developing, implementing and supporting systems and projects for various markets using the very latest technologies.

We are continuously striving to maintain the high standards that are required to handle ever-changing market requirements and ensure that we are on top of our game by providing relative additional services like Website Design & Development and various Software Support Packages.

Please have a look at our main-line products listed below to get an idea of the quality and detailed information that are synonymous with Newlines and our growing portfolio :

is a comprehensive medical practice management system. It handles your patient information highlighting immediate Alerts, Blood Groups, Active, Chronic, Surgical, Family, Drug and Social History, Lab results, Various Patient Readings, Vaccines and Timetables, Drug Properties and Prices, Scheduled Appointments per doctor or specialist, your consultations, findings, recommendations and notes, printed prescriptions and cash billings for all sold Products and Services.

Complete business software system handling Inventory (Products, Services, Prices, Bin Locations, Currencies, Requisitions, Stock control), Sales (Sales Orders, Cash Sales, Invoices, GOC's, Returns, Payments, Client balances & Statements), POS Module (Point-Of-Sale Touch Screens, Barcoding, Points Scheme, Cash Till Reporting), Hand-Held Module (Touch-Type Restaurant Ordering System that runs on inexpensive Android tablets, Order Taking, Touch Menus & Buttons, Cash Sales, Send Order, Purchases (Suppliers, Purchase Order Management, Supplier Consignments, Cost Attribution, Payments & Allocations) and Project Management (Products & Services, Labour Hours, Job Costings).


A complete Hair & Beauty Salon Management Software Package that handles your Client details, Hair & Beauty Properties (e.g. colour, density, elasticity, porosity, texture), Appointments, Hair and Scalp Images and their record cards. Barcoded Products and Services used with Cash Sales, Supplier Invoices, Stock-Taking and in-house Consumables. Also provides Stylist Controls enabling you to set Services and Selling Prices per stylist. Newlines Salon Administrator.


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